What is Fast Fashion and is it Eco Conscious?

"Fast fashion."

 So what is fast fashion, exactly, and is it a bad thing?

Fast fashion is, quite literally, fashion that moves fast.

Trends used to come out four seasons in a year. Major fast fashion retailers now come out with new lines about 52 times a year - "microseasons," if you will.

Customers now expect weekly updates to their favorite stores, or we get bored.

And we don't want these weekly fresh updates to inventory to cost much more than a meal out.

Essentially, fast fashion is cheap, disposable clothing. It's the fast food of the clothing world.

So is fast fashion eco conscious?

In a word, no. And here's why.

In order to make this trendy clothing so affordable, the materials and labor need to be cheap.

The average American throws away over 68 pounds of textiles per year. You read that right - throws away. Like, into the garbage. Even when we donate our clothing, 84% of it ends up in a landfill.

Cheap material = polyester. And polyester is just petroleum based junk that won't decompose for up to 200 years.

I include American made garments into my affordable fair trade and socially conscious clothing boutique, despite the flaws of many American made textiles. Consider just the "buy local" aspect of shipping a sweater from Los Angeles to Iowa versus China or Bangladesh to Iowa, and you get why American made fits into my "done over perfect" motto of ethical.

So now you know.

I didn't know exactly what the term "fast fashion" meant, and I certainly didn't know its implications on our planet.

Once I learned about these things, I felt it on my heart to provide an alternative.

My intention is never to make a woman feel guilty about wanting to take time to feel beautiful.

My intention is to provide women with affordable and eco conscious clothing. 

I hope that you find beautiful, affordable items here that you can feel good about purchasing.

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