Vespa Boutique Coaching Package

Vespa Boutique Coaching Package

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Let's get going! This 5 hour package will provide you with access to all of my ebooks, my 12 step program that will walk you through all of the basics on how to start an online boutique and provide you with a rich library of resources, including:

  • Exiting your current business with grace and professionalism
  • Decommissioning your old inventory
  • Keeping your community intact
  • Identifying your ideal client, your niche and your brand so you stand out
  • Creating a business plan that is sustainable to your needs and goals
  • The nitty gritty of filing as a businesses and taking care of your legal paperwork
  • Sourcing quality wholesalers
  • Setting up your online shop using Shopify
  • The ins and outs of SEO (Turns out, I'm kind of an undercover tech geek!)
  • Marketing your online boutique

2 installments of $249/month option here

3 installments of $166/week option here